The best thing to do while you travel.. is sharing.

I normally travel alone, because I like to explore and know new people. Sharing..  doesn’t mean for your companion or your social media ‘friends.’ Instead is for people who around me at the time. So here is this story that make me do this particular drawing.

One night in Athens, I was walk alone and looking for a particular bar I passed by earlier (Because they have Belgium beer ) a gentlemen on my right about 50, 60 yeard old sat on a table outside reading a floppy newspaper.  He took away his reading glasses and talked to me, I immediately stopped and listened to what he said. He simply asked me to come inside to dining. I replied him : yes, certainly! But first let me go to bar first. After couples of drinks I’ll come back! SO another twp hours past by, my stomach was rumbling. I came back to the exactly same restaurant, but he was not there outside. I wondered inside the restaurant find him at the other table, I was so happy like meeting an old friend of mine and I can tell him I keep my promise! He looked unexpected surprising, gave me a firm hand shake and asked one waitress to take me to the best seat.

I sat down on a big round shape table for 4, and start to ordering some meals that most people recommend it’s a must to eat at Greece. And came with a free beer from lovely man, later I found out he is the owner of the restaurant. In short time my table was flooded with foods, I quickly reckoned I can not finish it by myself at all. I glanced at a lady sat down on the side of wall chewing her taco roll. I first waved my armed to grab her attension and asked her to please join me with this over ordering feast. Her first reaction was ‘ thank you,’ and she started to tell me her story. She is a teacher at corf, came over here to take care of her sister at hospital. She refused the food from restaurant, because she thinks her cooking is the best. So she left her number to me, and invite me to her house for home cook greek meal.

After this lady left, I still had plenty of food on the table. I saw a man approaching to me  with a take away box, and it’s simply a box of white rice. He wanted to take some tissues on my table, at that time I asked him does him like to share my food? with body language as well. He nodded and reached his take away box to me. At that time waitress came over and tried to stopped him, I was shocked. I told her it’s okay, I’d like to share my food with him. In the end.. I pay my respect to the chef, and got a plenty of love in my heart. This is the best meal I ever have.


有一天晚上在雅典,我正在尋找之前路過的一家酒吧(主要是因為我發現他們有賣比利時啤酒) 有一個男士,大約5,6十歲,座在路邊的四人桌上,手裡握著攤開軟掉了的報紙,他把他的老花眼鏡拿下來在右手上,問我要不要進來吃飯,我跟他說我還不餓,我先去別的酒吧喝點酒再回來,兩個小時過去了,肚子也因為喝了啤酒下去開始需要食物,我走回這家餐廳發現那位男士沒有在本來的座位上,我走進餐廳裡才發現他換到做在角落的椅子上,我笑著像見到很久不見的朋友一般,跟他說我沒有食言,他看起來很吃驚,但很快的鎮定下來給我一個溫暖的握手,馬上叫了一個服務生帶我去最好的位子。





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