Dude bar

This is a bar opposite the hostel I stayed, called the dude. In greece you can smoke inside and outside of the bar, normally closed about 2,3 o’clock am. I have been to this dude bar few time because it’s so close to me, and barman speak English..

One night there’s a girl on the street persuaded me to buy the flower, and asked me to spared the changes for her baby in her belly. I’m a little bit drunk at that point and so I started to tell her what’s the life should be for a girl at her age. She should think of education, her life rather than an unborn child that I don’t even understand how she got pregnant at her age. I tried to tell her to think for yourself, escape or whatever you can to change it. She was a bit shocked I think, she stopped a while motionless. Then.. the worst things is she repeat the sentence she told me before. Can you spare your change for my baby?

My heart sink.. really sink to the bottom of my heart. I gave her some changes and walked away. I walked to the dude bar, I gave them the flower to the barman. He carefully rearranged it in a bottle, nobody noticed it. They all too busy at their chatting, drinking and themselves. It’s a small thing in the world and sadly it happens everyday, so why do I need to be bother? why I dare to think I might can change her life?

I believe at that night I look into the flower is not same as before. It is hopeless and loneliness decorative object in the world.


一天晚上在雅典走回去的路上,背一個小女孩攔住,他想要兜售我他的花,他希望我可以給她一些零錢給他在肚子裡的小孩,說真的當時我有點喝醉了,我開始跟他說起人生的道理,我不理解為什麼他這樣的年紀的孩子在路上賣花,而不是在家休息、讀書或上學,我試圖告訴他,他應該多想想自己,問自己到底自己想要孩子嗎? 我這一番話似乎嚇壞他了,他靜止不動了幾秒,最糟糕的事…他像機器人一般開始重複著說過的話,可以給我零錢買食物給我肚子裡的寶寶嗎..




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