Hitchhike to Athens

I was dropped at the services station by the previous car who gave me a lift, so I asked around in front of a small coffee shop and petrol station. Unfortunately it’s just not many people stopped at this services station, and also it’s not many car on the motorway in Greece.  I must wait a good half an hour at least, until I saw a camper van drive in. He wears shorts with hoodie, and accompany with a friendly golden retriever. I can feel this might be my best chances to get back on the road, so I have no hesitate to chat with him. He straight away agree to help me, and even so he bought me a coffee.

He is a film maker of travel channel on youtube ( στο δρόμο / on the road) He had been traveled to lots of country and tried out extreme sports. His dog is his girlfriend, she travels with him all the time. He strikes me of his generous open-minded character, and I feel like he knows everyone in this land. Whenever we pass highway tolling system or service station, people all know him already like he constantly pass here day by day. He makes me feel relax, just like hop on one of friends’ car. And certainly an very interesting ride I have.

我被前一個讓我搭車的人載到一個在高速公路上的休息站,所以我在附近的咖啡店和加油站前詢問有沒有人往雅典的方向去,不幸的是根本沒有多少人出沒在那個休息站,也沒有多少台車在高速公路上移動,我至少等了有半個鐘頭,一直到我看到一台福斯的休旅車開進來,他身穿帽T和短褲,還有一隻黃金獵犬伴隨著他,我的直覺告訴我這是我最好離開這裡的選擇,沒有猶豫的我問了他可以載我一程嗎? 他馬上就答應了,並且還買了咖啡跟我一起喝。

他是一個影片製作人,在youtube上的旅行節目( στο δρόμο ) 他常常旅行去不同的國家,嚐試各種不同的極限運動,他的狗狗是他的女友,跟著他到處去旅行。他讓我最印象深刻的事是他的寬宏的個性和打開心胸的態度,我感覺得到他似乎認識這裡所有的人,美到高速公路售票口或是服務站,他都可以像朋友般的跟人打招呼和聊天,好像他天天來一般,他就是這樣的人..連我都不知不覺變成他的朋友,搭上朋友的車一樣。


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