how often do you pee outdoor?

While I hitchhiked from Thessaloniki to Athens is about 500km, it took me nearly 10 hours to the city centre of Athens. On my way is lots and lots of hills, especially after pass through volos. There’s only tiny villagse and not many services station. I hitched a big lorry, and driver is not speak English at all. So it’s the first time  I have to show him the photo of toilet seat, and so he stopped somewhere slightly quite and with some bushes on the sides.

I never pee that many times outdoor in my life, and now seems to be very normal and nothing bother me. We can not communicate through language, but with photo,  images and body language, I forgot the beautiful scene pass us through.. I forgot the rules of being human, I forgot where I need to go, I forgot life can be so simple and free.






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