Naive can make mistake 天真也可以是一種錯誤

I feel fine to talk about it, although at that time I ran with panic. I needed to continuously checking is he catch me up.

It’s on the hh trip to Athens, he is a lorry driver who I asked him to give me a lift at services station. All the way we came to Lamia, a beautiful seaside town. He’s finished his day work, so I bought him a beer to drink as my appreciation. Then I think.. he tried to asked me to go to seaside with him to have a better view of ocean. I agreed. It’s a village with not many people live in there.



When we arrived the sea, he started to took of shirts and clothes to swim. I felt the same, sunny day and why not. And that’s all in my head. As soon as I striped myself to only underwear and soaked in ocean, he wrapped his arm around me. That’s the time I first alarm something bad might happen. So I quickly put my cloth on while he told me we should fucked under this beautiful scenery. It’s weird suddenly his english wasn’t bad! I refused straight away even he’s just busy at conducting his condom, and that’s my chances to run away.

當我們走了一段路程到達海邊時,他開始褪去衣物跳進海裡游泳,我也有同感,天晴和湛藍的海域,為什麼不行呢? 我完全沒有多想,當我把衣服脫下只剩下內衣褲時,他試圖把手圍繞在我身上,我馬上警覺到事態不對,所以我趕快又把衣服穿上,同時聽他對我闡述我們應該在這美麗的天氣下在海裡做愛,忽然間他英文變得很好… 我馬上拒絕,趁他在套上保險套的時機溜走

Looking back of this mistake… I feel I am so naively believing another human being. I’m glad he’s not plan on doing this before, or if he grabs me by his hand I’d probably have no chances to run away without force. And I’m so glad I’m very good at direction, so I remember the way back to highway and I have no choices to walk alone highway for a little while until another lorry stopped.

我現在想想怎麼會發生這種事… 我怎麼可以這麼天真的相信人,我只能說很慶幸他沒有計劃,如果他抓住我,我可能連逃都逃不了。我也很慶幸自己的方向感,所以很快的我就回到高速公路上繼續搭車,不過我當時太緊張了,緊張到乾脆走在高速公路上攔車


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