small funny world hostel

Small funny world hostel is a hostel in the heart of athens, 5 floors building with roof top bar area. It’s a very friendly and large hostel, lots of travelers come and go. I stayed more or less about one week, met different varieties of human being . It’s a bit more complex in this hostel, mix with some locals who are in between changing house. Some are try to stay longer in athens, so they also work in hostel for exchange bed. Some are simply love athens, and carry on stay another three months. Also some people like me, love to listen stories and travel alone.

This roof top bar area is particular crowed at night, most of travelers came back a long day to social and relax in this area. And we’d play our music, have our party although downstairs is also a street famous for bar crawl. I always remember there’s is a little staircase at the corner, written 123 JUMP. I have been use these for jokes so many times while I was there, a happiness way to die. Nah.. I never want to die in my hand, there’s so many things I want to do.


頂樓的開放式空間在晚上會特別擁擠,很多旅人在一天疲憊的觀光後會來這裡社交、放鬆,我們會播著自己想聽的歌,有自己的派對活動,雖然樓下的街上是最著名的酒吧街。我記得最旁邊的角落有個木頭製的三階的小階梯,上面寫著123跳! 自從我發現他之後,每一天我都拿他來開玩笑,是一個可以喝醉死的開心的方法,沒有啦..我當然是開玩笑的,還有太多想做的事沒有完成前,怎麼能離開。


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