Alan Constantian

I met this old man at the hostel I stayed, called red dot in Singapore. When you opened the front door there’s a long narrow staircase lead you to second floor which is the main reception and dining area. I waited there for the lady to help us to check in, and he is the one sat aside us and started to have a short chat with him.


So everyday he’s there at the same table, chatting with different people. And everyday I had a little conversation with him over where I visit and see. Until the last day I finally have time to just chill out, relax and stay indoor, I found him at the same seat with his Indian naan in hand. I started to know all about him..


He was once profession at water power in Singapore, and traveled all over the world to teach other country how to generate clean water from sea, river or even land. Because singapore is pretty small country, and few generations before they had to buy water from Malaysia. So they tried to developed on creating their own water technology to not totally rely on other countries. It’s a fascinating conversation over this matter that I don’t even think about it.. He is one of local who be arranged to live in hostel from government, waiting to get a council flat. And he was divorced has two, three children whom they don’t have any contact no more.


He told me lots of stuffs happened in this hostel, like drunken woman climbing the wall, police try to catch the escape prisoner who suppose to stay in the range etc. His stories are fun but mix with sadness as well every time I think about it, do anybody  really want to live in hostel everyday? It’s never gonna be ‘home’…

他也跟我說了很多在這家旅社發生的妙事,例如某個女客人喝醉回來以為走錯房子,還施新的想攀牆到隔壁,還有拔掉偵測環的囚犯,引起警察的偵訊等等。他的故事都很有趣,但我現在想想也覺得參扮著悲傷,畢竟天天住在青年旅舍裡難道快樂嗎? 這永遠都不會是家的..



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