Alan’s pill box 藥盒

Alan, my old friend. I knew him only few days while I traveled to Singapore. I always clearly remember the time when he brought up his treasure box. I asked him : is that your luggage?

Alan 我最老的朋友,在新加坡旅行的時候認識他的,我最記得的一件事是當他某晚拿出一個扁平的飾品珠寶盒。我問他: 該不會這是你的行李吧?

He smiled and opened up, there’s full of medicines in package, one tong and an instruction of all the pill’s name and function written on the other side of box. He slowly took every pills out of package and line them up in the box, separate them to different lines. And he insisted to do it by himself.


Is it only me feel this way? Watching him take himself away and feed him to the monster called ‘ medicine’?

It is a luggage. And it’s a heavy one..


看著他慢慢把自己推向深淵,把自己餵食給一個叫做 ‘藥’的怪物?



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