Hindu temple 印度廟宇

Singapore has a very diversity religious beliefs, include Buddhism, Islam, hindulism, Catholicism, Protestantism and more. You can find different temples, churches in singapore, and it makes singapore looks so exotic. Full of different cultural and people.


I had stayed in a hostel which is not far from little india area, first day is a cultural shock for us. We didn’t picture singapore as this?! The supermarket at that area full of gold and jewellery, perfumes, medicines and peoples! (I mean really not walk-able) So many indian food around, eventually I even tried to eat it with my right hand. It’s really difficult especially rice spread everywhere! I remember the lady owner thinks I’m a beautiful asian girl, she started to ask me what do I think of his son? I guess she’d like me to date her son… And showed me some pictures of other foreigners  who visited the same place before. (they even cooked some western food for them)

我住的青年旅館非常靠近小印度區域,所以地一天去附近逛逛的時候就讓我們驚訝,不知道自己身在何處了,因為不太像是印象中的新加坡,那附近的超市居然在賣滿滿的金項鍊、珠寶、香水、藥品和充滿著一大堆的人! 真的是到步步難行的地步,那附近也賣很多印度餐,我甚至用右手吃了我點的菜,告訴你真的不容易,尤其是米飯根本不容易用手抓! 我記得很清楚女印度老闆認為我很漂亮,還一直問我覺得他兒子如何,想要幫我相親。他還給我看了一些之前觀光客造訪這裡的照片,他們還在這裡煮了西餐請他們吃。

And the next day we decided to go inside one of hindu temple. We took off shoes and headed in. Soon there’s a guy stopped us, asked us (only female) to wrapped a fabric to cover legs. I did it to respect their cultural. And another 2,3 steps there’s another sign of ‘tourist stop.’ I know I am an atheism, I love freedom. I interested at their cultural  and respected the rich history in the temple.

But I’d never like any religion. They like to brick a wall in between us. I rather want to walk around at little india, talk to locals, try their food then watching a groupe of devoting their life in front of man made god.





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