Passionately Taiwanese 台灣人的熱情

I didn’t plan to hitchhiked all around Taiwan, but it’s too easy to be pick up! Taiwanese are so nice and friendly, so I decided to do a round trip from west coast to east coast. It’s a journey like meditation, meet so many different group and ages of people.

Taiwan full of people are still honest, simple and love to help! I met so many of them stopped by asking me : how can I help you, young lady? This is a pure kindness you can not take away from this nation like the weather in Taiwan, red hot sun!

我一開始並沒有計劃要搭便車環島的,由於時在是太容易了! 台灣人實在是太熱情、太友善了,所以我才決定要環島見識不同的人,了解不同地區的人。這趟旅行也是一趟修行,認識很多不同族群、年齡、職業的人民。

台灣人還是非常純樸、簡單和喜歡幫助人的民族,遇到很多車停下來的第一句話便是: 小姐,有什麼我可以幫你的嗎? 這就是純粹的友善,沒有任何人可以奪走的,就像台灣的天氣一樣,又紅又熱!


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