West coast of Taiwanese 台灣西岸

I was grow up in Taiwan, but moved to London about 6 years now. I didn’t have enough time and money to go back to visit often, and now I feel like I’m a foreigner. At that time I already hitchhiked through Europe and told my friends of the stories happened on the road. One of my friend suggested me to hitchhike to Kenting to meet friend, and I think it’s an excellent idea! But none of my friends really think it would work, in Taiwan there’s not really any generation did that before.


So I against odds to start my way from Tai-chong which is about 500 km away from Kenting. I walked about an hour from city centre to motorway, and then stopped at one of petrol station to asked around. The first person I asked is a van driver who was filled up his car. He was replied me with really harsh voice : what do you want? And I immediately felt scared by his attitude, I never meet people like this. I walked away to exit of the petrol station and stand there for any car to give me a lift.

所以我就偏要不順從民意,搭便車從台中去墾丁,大約500公里的車程,我從市區開始走道交流道口就花了我將近一個小時的時間,在附近的一個加油站停下來問人,我第一個問的是一個開貨車的大叔,他正在加油,他用非常嚴厲的語氣回答我: 你想要什麼? 和滿猙獰的表情,我完全被他嚇壞了,我並沒有觸碰他、汙辱他、傷害他,為什麼他要用這種語氣回答我? 當時我真的滿受挫的,我馬上就放棄在加油站問人的念頭,走到靠近出口的地方,舉著牌子默默想著剛剛發生的事

Magic! In a short time there’s a car stopped in front of me! It’s The same guy who asked me what do you want form me! And He totally changed his voice, he said he never see any hitchhikers before. At first he thought I want something from him, but I didn’t. so I got on his car and went to different locations to do his deliveries.

On my way I tried to tell him my experiences of hitchhiking, and why I want to do it. He’s like a father worry about daughter, so he continuous tell me to be careful. At the end he showed me so much he cared than the first time I met him. He has a big, warm heart but doesn’t mean he wants to show it anytime any where to anyone, and so as so many scam in this world that make people stop be nice to each others because they double is it truth.

神奇的事,一輛車停下來! 居然就是剛剛那台貨車?! 他收起那可怕嚇人的臉孔和聲音,跟我說他以為我想要什麼,但我沒有! 而且也從沒遇過人要搭便車,所以我上了他的車,跟他去幾個他要下貨的地點。一路上我跟他分享了我搭便車的趣事和原因,他則是像個父親愛護兒女般,不斷告訴我要小心,最後我覺得他是個關心社會的人,而不像我第一眼見到他的樣子。他有一顆熱情的心腸,但他不想要嶄露給人看,就像這社會上有太多人假裝殘疾來欺騙人,讓一般人失去對社會的關愛了。


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