Indonesia shop 在台灣的印尼店

I accidentally walked in one Indonesia shop in Taiwan after be dropped somewhere around motorway. It’s a shop full of everything, they have buffet in the middle, around it sell loads of bits of good from Indonesia and an area for karaoke, smokers.


I asked the lady there, can I have some food?

She replied me, it’s very spicy.

I ‘m very exciting, I love spicy food.

And she still want to confirm, it’s Indonesia food. very spicy.

I nodded.

Later on we had a chat, she told me none of Taiwanese come over here. It’s a shop for Indonesian who work around here and a place they social with other countryman. And this lady also live upstairs, cook this buffet and she’s babysitting while take care of shop at the same time. I know people generally dislike immigrants, but trust me.. you need to have strong mentality to actually abandon your homeland and start new life somewhere.

之後我和櫃台小姐聊了 一下才知道原來這裡沒什麼台灣人會進來,也有原因是因為食物非常不同,這裡主要是接待在附近工作的印尼人,給它們聊天社交的地方,這小姐本身也住在樓上,平時除了站櫃檯,還要煮菜、帶小孩。我知道一般人對外來移民的印象都很不好,相信我…你真的需要非常強悍的毅力來拋棄自己的祖國,去別的國家開始新的生活。



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