I drew to communicate, but also to dominate.

Since I moved to London in 2012, I started to realize you can either like or hate here. You can choose a life to be in a office, doing the things that kill you softly. But you also can choose a way of life you want it to be, it becomes my unknown pleasures.

I like to live here and meet people whenever I can, so I choose to work in a hostel & bar in the city.   And travel whenever I have time. When I have day off I’ll do some painting, drawing to help myself to memories them and meditate myself. I don’t really take photo, there’s too many photo on the internet, and there’s too little express their feeling.

I wish I can keep updating things, if I’m not.. probably due to laziness. And I also try to do both languages, simply because I want to be able to communicate with people from my home town and let them know there’s other ways of life.






contact : theelephant_33@msn.com